Finding the Right Residential Locksmith When Locked Out

How to find the best & reliable locksmith to help you get back into your house when you are locked out? Lost your house keys?

When locked out of our home, most of us will reach for our smartphone and search for a residential locksmith using search keywords such as "locked out of house - unlock door", "auto/car locksmith near me San Diego" or "bump house door lock".

Searching for a local locksmith online, you find hundreds of locksmiths operating in your area. All of them trying to showcase themselves as the best locksmith in your area. Many local locksmiths advertise insanely low price, eg. $15. How do you pick the right residential locksmith?

Rule 1: It is really difficult to find a reliable locksmith just using the Internet search engines.

Most of the search results that you find for locksmiths are businesses operating as lead generators. Only a handful of the search results for locksmiths are real locksmith businesses operating with a physical store. Rest of them are locksmiths who work without proper shops, sometimes without necessary training and license.

Rule 2: Getting fake reviews for non-existing locksmith businesses.
When you find a locksmith with lots of reviews online, don't trust it blindly. Many locksmiths and local lead generators create professional looking websites and get fake users to add reviews.

Rule 3: Insanely cheap prices are not feasible.
If any locksmith company is advertising dirt-cheap prices for their residential and automotive locksmith services, most probably it is a bait. A professional, licensed locksmith has to meet his living through the service charge for locksmith works. So, it is only fair to have a bill of around $100 for a visit and fixing the locksmith trouble you are facing.

Rule 4: Ask for the license of the locksmith before hiring.
If your state has a license requirement for locksmiths, ask the person or business to provide you the same. You can verify the license using the government website concerned.

Rule 5: Keep a reliable local locksmith's number handy.
Rather than panic and search for a locksmith online, you should ask for references and find local locksmith stores operating in your area. Keep the number handy for emergencies.
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