Create a business website for better income

Want to earn more? Who doesn't! All offline businesses and entrepreneurs can use the internet to improve their business. How to create a business website for additional revenue?

Having a business is not enough. You need a web presence that adds to your revenue. How can a website help ring your cash register? Here is an example of a local residential and automotive locksmith in Roseville, CA using their business website to generate customer leads.

For this article, I will assume you already have a business website.

1. Make your website rank in search engines
Most businesses fail miserably in making the best use of the internet. When your business website doesn't drive organic, free search traffic, it is more of a liability than an asset. Start working on SEO and website promotion.

2. Invest in online advertising
Do you advertise your services in local newspapers? Add your business website there. Get your services advertised on the internet. You can start with Google Ads.

Get your cash register ringing with a website for your locksmith service or other local business.
CAUTION: Do not set big ad budgets in the start of your online ad campaigns. Think small and monitor regularly in the beginning.

3. Make use of social promotions
Give coupons, freebies to push online sales. It will go a long way. Stay active online, social networks.

4. Collaborate with other local businesses
Ask your friendly local businesses to advertise your service through banner images on their websites. In exchange, let them have their services advertised on your website.

5. Go mobile
Is your business website mobile friendly? Does it load fast on smartphones? This will significantly improve your business website's search rankings.

6. Trust factor
If your website has a trust certificate, Google and other search engines will give additional importance. If you can afford to pay for SSL certificate for your business website, invest in it.
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